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Customer Comments on our t-meter

"Just a quick note on your meter.  We are in the midst of building a pretty large network - spans several hundred miles, several very tall, tricky towers.  We bench tested all our radios prior to deployment using your meter.  The meter showed some radios performing at 1/2 power of vendor spec. Not having to troubleshoot this problem over a period of time on even one long link paid for the meter. It saved our tails."  


Chris Cooper

Intelliwave, LLC


“I had a few faulty units that customers were complaining about poor signal etc and the Praxsym PM-2458 confirmed this.  I have had good reports back from the customer who has the first unit saying it works extremely well and takes all of the guess work out of installing a link.”

Peter Davison

Whywire - Wireless Networking Solutions             www.whywire.com.au


"The Praxsym meter is the ONLY tool that we have identified that combines the ease of use, portability, accuracy and economy that is needed for installing and troubleshooting our systems in the field.

The single highest number of issues in the field related to our products is the poor performance of a transmission system. An RF cable with improper termination, or one that has been damaged, or a bad antenna feed can all present themselves as errors or poor performance on our radio systems. These problems have historically been very hard to troubleshoot. The Praxsym meter allows a technician to easily identify where the problem may be and to eliminate these issues as part of the troubleshooting process.

In virtually every instance where I or one of my SEs has used the meter in the field, the installer has purchased a meter immediately afterwards. The ROI for this meter is nearly instant with respect to the amount of time that can be consumed in the troubleshooting process. It typically pays for itself in one troubleshooting instance! In addition, installation crews that use the meter DURING the installation process are likely to avoid future problems, making the payback even more immediate. Before the Praxsym meter was available, the best solution on the market cost over 10x the cost of the Praxsym meter -- far outside the range that our partners (or us) could justify. The price point for the Praxsym meter seems to be within the budget that most of these customers can afford and easily justify without a significant budgetting process.

Thanks for making such a wonderful product. Your team has met the market requirement PERFECTLY. My team will continue to use it in the field, and recommend it to our partners."

Keep up the good work,

Ken Ruppel


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