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High Performance Shielded Enclosure Test System

SG1000B Signal Generator

The SG1000 Signal Generator and PR1000A Preamplifier have been designed to simplify the measurement of shielding integrity in a shielded enclosure.  When coupled with a high stability spectrum analyzer and an appropriate selection of test antennas, the SG1000/PR1000A combination can measure shielding effectiveness at all of the NSA 94-106 (supersedes NSA 65-6) defined test frequencies from 1 kHz to 10 GHz.

The SG1000B Signal Generator is the replacement for the SG1000A. It has the same performance specifications as the SG1000A. It does not have an external input, unlike the SG1000A. And the SG1000B has an updated front panel with a simple, intuitive user interface. The SG1000A is on the GSA schedule.

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PR1000A Preamlplifier


The PR1000A amplifies the received signal from the test antenna and overcomes the high noise figure of the companion test receiver or spectrum analyzer.  The PR1000A, when used with an Agilent 8563E spectrum analyzer (or equivalent) will ensure that the system noise figure will be less than 4.5 dB at all test frequencies from 1 kHz to 10 GHz.  When used with a spectrum analyzer measurement bandwidth of 100 Hz, the system exhibits a sensitivity of -150 dBm at the test antenna output.

(10 GHz remote amplifier sold separately) 

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