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We Service

  • All Praxsym Equipment
  • MLJ 20W Test Transmitters
  • Chesapeake Microwave Technology (CMT) Test Equipment

Spares & Repairs

  • Obsolete Equipment
  • Non-OEM Supported Equipment
  • Reverse-Engineereed Solutions to Perpetuate Critical Applications

Click Here to fill out the service request form or contact us by calling 217-897-1744 or email us at sales@praxsym.com.

Thank you.

At Praxsym, we have the ability to service all of the products which we manufacture. All service needs are handled by our staff of thorough technicians. We have the lab facility to accommodate a wide range of applications to 20GHz. From calibrations and physical repairs to replacement of obsolete parts and service of obsolete equipment, Praxsym has the resources to complete the job in a professional manner.

When your needs call for continued use of existing equipment which is not functioning properly, our service department will help restore your equipment to proper working condition.  All service work, both in and out of warranty, is done at our headquarters in Fisher, IL.


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