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RF Taps

Praxsym’s RF Taps afford access to a cable system for monitoring function and performance without interrupting service.  The taps also cause minimal insertion loss when the coupled port is open, as in normal system operation.  Like all Praxsym products, these high-quality devices have honest specifications, and are well-documented over the bands they are designed for.

800MHz 10dB Tap (310-010130-001)
This is a single narrowband design covering 806MHz to 869MHz.

800MHz/1900MHz 10dB Tap (310-010134-001)
This is a dual-wideband design covering the 800MHz and 1900MHz bands.
(698MHz-960MHz, 1710MHz-2170MHz)

Our current offerings were designed to meet customers' unique needs and are great examples of our capabilities.  However, they may not necessarily be a good fit for your application without some adjustments.  Please allow us to quote a semi-custom design based on your system's characteristics.

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