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Shield Level / Path Loss Test Equipment


Rather than purchase expensive generic laboratory test equipment, consider allowing Praxsym to offer a custom solution built with our discrete components to produce test signals or measure responses.

  • Measures path loss

  • Measures signal strength and shielding effectiveness

  • 864-936 MHz

  • Path loss accuracy: +/- 1 dB typ.

  • Receiver range: 0 to -120 dBm

  • Transmitter power: -30 to +30 dBm

  • Synthesized: 1 MHz and 100 kHz step size

  • Microprocessor controlled

  • AC or battery operation

PAMS is a user-friendly, microprocessor-based transmitter and receiver system that measures path loss and shielding effectiveness in RF shielded enclosures. Lightweight and compact, each PAMS unit measures approximately 12" x 5" x 5" and weighs 5.5 lbs., making PAMS ideally suited to field measurement tasks. Rugged construction ensures instrument survivability in a field test environment. PAMS incorporates a self-calibrating microprocessor-based architecture that provides for ease of use. It requires only minimal operator instruction for error-free operation. Its backlit LCD output displays shielding effectiveness, battery status, and other operating parameters.

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