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Corporate Information
Praxsym designs and manufactures those products described below while providing the flexability to design and build test equipment to accomodate specific requirements at our facility in Fisher, Illinois, located 100 miles south of Chicago.


Praxsym Corporate Headquarters

120 South Third Street
Fisher, Illinois 61843 USA
Phone: (217) 897-1744
Fax: (217) 897-6388

CAGE code 1FYT4

GSA Schedule

Our PAMS and SG1000/PR1000 test equipment are available at prenegotiated prices through our GSA contract GS24F0035M.

Test Equipment
Praxsym manufactures application specific test equipment for wireless testing applications as well as a complete line of RF Shielded Enclosure certification and maintenance products. 

The PST family of CW Test Transmitters is designed to provide test signals for Distributed Antenna Systems (DAS) or can be connected directly to an antenna to provide coverage testing.  Their dual channel design allows users to transmit in two frequency bands simultaneously. 

Praxsym offers complete line of RF Shielded Enclosure certification and maintenance products.  Our PAMS equipment allows a technician to easily and efficienctly measure pathloss and shielding effectiveness of an RF Shielded Enclosure.  The SG1000A/PR1000A high powered signal generator and low noise preamplifier combination are integral parts of an RF Shielded Enclosure certification system which meets NSA 94-106 standards. 

Praxsym also has a diverse line of test equipment for commercial applic ations.  Our PathTrax Transmitter and Receiver combination is a system designed for making signal strength, pathloss or shield level measurements.

The t-meter family provides the only hand-held solution for easily making measurements of forward power, reflected power and VSWR.  Having a t-meter allows for quick and effective troubleshooting and verification of newly installed system-level hardware.

Power Detectors
Praxsym manufactures a series of unique power detectors which are ideal for use in applications where an RF signal modulated by a complex waveform is to be detected over a wide dynamic range (e.g. CDMA and WLL systems). These detectors respond to input power level changes linearly (mV / dB). Unlike conventional log detectors, these power detectors exhibit no modulation errors.

Our synthesizers are complete assemblies that include their own low phase noise references. Many models are available covering many of the major communications bands. In addition, some clock-multiplied upconverters are available for satellite communications where ultra-low phase noise is critical to system performance.

OEM Modules
Much of the technology which Praxsym's engineers have developed to solve our customer's problems is available as a sub-assembly for use in other systems. These modules include GaAsFET bias boards, automatic leveling controls, and synthesized upconverter boards.


Representatives and Sales Contacts
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Israel Dan-El +972 3 927 1888 +972 3 927 1666
Other Areas Praxsym (217) 897-1744 (217) 897-6388


















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