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PST: CW Test Transmitter

617-652/663-698 MHz
698-960 MHz
1710-2170 MHz
2305-2320/2345-2360 MHz
2495-2690 MHz

(310-010108-014) N-type

  • Channel 1
    • (Band 1 Frequency) 617-652/663-698 MHz
    • (Band 2 Frequency) 698-960 MHz
  • Channel 2
    • (Band 1 Frequency) 1710-2170 MHz
    • (Band 2 Frequency) 2305-2320/2345-2360 MHz
    • (Band 3 Frequency) 2495-2690 MHz
  • Intelligent user interface & display
  • -10 to +12dBm output level
  • Simultaneously transmit on both channels.
  • Scan Mode Operation (Described Below)
  • N-type female connectors
  • Battery operated
  • Compact 7" x 5" x 3" package
  • Portable (approximately 3.5 lbs)
  • Durable soft case optional (pictured)

The PST is a prtable continous wave (CW) test source capable of transmitting test signals on two channels simultaneously. The output from each channel is enabled independently and the level can be adjusted between -10dBm and +12dBm in 0.1dB steps.

Each channel contains four Setups. Setups allow the user to program up to four saved output configurations per channel. These configurations are saved for use in a future test. Scan Mode, allos users to scan through the saved Setups at a user selected rate (Dwell Time). Dwell times can be set as low as 0.25s, which allows the user to measure up to eight frequencies with one pass through a venue. Dwell times as high as 1.5min are also available for test proceedures which require more time.

The transmitter frequency and output level for each channel can be set from the touch keys on the front panel or the LCD touchscreen display.  The transmitter status can easily be monitored from the display.  The transmitter also contains a USB interface enabling the user to control the transmitter remotely.

The transmitter can be powered using the internal 6 AA rechargeable batteries for 6 hours of continuous operation or from the AC/DC wall adapter included.

Praxsym offers the flexibility to design and build equipment to meet specific requirements. Please contact Praxsym for a quote tailored to fit your requirements.

A datasheet is available as a PDF file.



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