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PST: Accessories

Battery Booster Kit (580-091001-001)

The external battery booster kit allows users of the PST Family of CW Test Transmitters to increase their test times without the use of AC power.  Users can utilize a battery booster kit to increase the run time of their +22 dBm CW Transmitter from 4 hours to 12 hours with both channels transmitting.  It can easily be attached to the PST soft case and plugged directly into the charge jack. The kit includes a 12.6 V lithium polymer battery, 3 ft extension cord, adapter, battery charger, and a soft pouch.

$ 200.00

Tripod Mount

The tripod mount allows users of the PST family of CW Test Transmitters to attach and stabilize their test setup using a standard camera tripod (1/4"-20 thread). Users are able to quickly attach or detach their test transmitter. Four mounting holes are machined in the transmitter to secure the removable tripod mount to its base. The mount includes a mounting plate, hardware, and machining of the mounting holes.

$ 140.00

Soft Sided Protective Case (380-010195-001)

A soft sided case allows the user to protect their CW Test Transmitter from physical damage. The transmitter is fully operational in the case. The case is also equipped with a side handle and 2 D-rings.

$ 95.00


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