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Underbuilding existing 6GHz legacy point-to-point networks with 5.8GHz license exempt radios adds reliability, capacity and performance at a significantly smaller investment than new licensed hardware.

Pre Underbuild

Post Underbuild

6GHz Underbuild

Praxsym, Inc. provides engineering and hardware support for underbuilding the licensed 6GHz microwave point-to-point network. Using the existing waveguide and antennas, PTP system owners may add significant digital capacity at the cost savings unlicensed 5.8GHz equipment affords.  We are the premier source for hardware complimenting the solutions leading PTP radio manufacturers provide in this application.  Taking the time to understand the configuration of your 6GHz legacy system, we package the appropriate bandpass filters, circulators, and other peripheral hardware into an easy per-hop solution. 

Our hardware packages ensure you maintain the proper system performance when adding license exempt 5.8GHz to your point-to-point networks.

Application Benefits

Superior price-performance

   • Price significantly less than 6GHz radios   

Licensed performance in unlicensed band

   • High link availability with dynamic frequency selection, integrated spectrum analyzer,

   • Protection from interference with dynamic frequency selection and intelligent-OFDM   

Immediate “drop-in” solution

   • Compatible with products from all major radio and antenna makers

   • Connectorized product: can share antennas with existing 6GHz solution

   • No increase in tower costs: use same infrastructure




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