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RF Power Monitors

Cellular Band Power Monitor: 30 watt
(805-960 MHz)

  • Integral stripline dual-directional coupler

  • Linear power detection (mV / dB)

  • Low insertion loss (0.17 dB at 887 MHz)

  • -30°C to 70°C operating range

  • Digital signal compatibility

  • Maximum Power Rating: 30 watts

This power monitor incorporates a low-loss, high directivity stripline coupler with independent linear power detection circuits. The monitor generates a linear voltage representative of the input power to each port to allow accurate monitoring of the forward to reflected power ratio.

Each detector exhibits high immunity to the modulation errors that can occur when measuring digital signals.

In addition to the internal temperature compensation, each detector circuit generates a linear temperature voltage (mV/° C) which may be used for external second order correction.

A datasheet is available for this product as a PDF file.

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